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Are you experiencing difficulties in your life related to anxiety, depression, communication with your partner, or the long-term impact of trauma? At Potter Counseling & Consulting we have extensive expertise in treating traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, oppositional behaviors, relational issues, and couples issues. We believe in creating a space that is calm and kind, that provides a uniquely safe and thoughtful environment for you to experience healing.

We are passionate about helping you heal and grow using the best resources available. To do this we focus on using evidence-based treatments that have been shown to be effective at reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, improving behaviors, and enhancing communication between couples and families.

We strongly believe in giving you tools to heal beyond sessions, and will often point you to resources to aid in your healing such as readings, activities, medical consultations, spiritual discovery, community resources, etc. Whether you are looking for help for yourself, or a loved one, we would be honored to work with you.

  • "I gained skills that I can use anywhere to help my anxiety!"
  • "My husband and I felt like we were both heard and understood. We both had a voice to share our struggles."
  • "My daughter felt that she was safe and found a place to 'work on her brave muscles'."

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Some Evening and Weekend appointments are available upon request with select therapists.

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